Our Global Partners

To make Portfolio Night happen in one particular city takes a tremendous amount of hard work. To make Portfolio Night happen in many cities across the planet requires the vision and support of committed Global Partners. Without their efforts, Portfolio Night would not be able to reach so many thousands of young creatives and esteemed creative directors, both in advertising meccas and in smaller, emerging markets.

The Portfolio Night team is honoured to be working alongside our Global Partners to make this one of the greatest evenings in our decade-long history.

Established in 2002, Creative Niche is a highly respected and successful recruiting firm that specializes in connecting top agencies and top talent within advertising and related fields. While based in Toronto, Canada, Creative Niche has been expanding their reach in both North America and Europe.

This is Creative Niche’s second year as a Global Partner of Portfolio Night. Since PN is the largest advertising portfolio review event in the world, with hundreds of creative directors and thousands of young creative hopefuls participating all across the globe, you can see why Creative Niche has been a perfect fit!

For information on how Creative Niche can help your agency find just the right talent, click here.

Getty Images is a leading provider of digital media, creating and distributing a range of assets – from royalty-free stock photography and editorial images to footage, music and multimedia – that help communicators around the globe tell their stories.

The Portfolio Night team welcomes Getty Images as a first-year Global Partner. Getty’s impact and influence on the global advertising industry is profound, and its desire to help elevate and nourish the next generation of creative talent makes its involvement in PN a natural extension of its mission.

Getty Images has offices and representatives across the globe to serve your imaging needs. Click here to contact Getty Images in your corner of the world.