Creative Bites: Antoine Bécotte

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What single piece of advice would you give a young creative before he or she sits down with you at PN10?
“I would ask two questions: Do you really want to be in this business? And why? Working as a creative in an ad agency is very demanding. You have to have other motivations than just the money or the prestige! It has to be a real passion.”

What was the reaction you got, the advice you received the very first time you showed your own book?
“If it’s not a passion, do something else. But in my case, it was…so I was fine ☺”

You’ve been to Portfolio Night before, how would you describe it to a fellow CD who has never been?
“Great to see young blood, enthusiastic, energised people and idea lovers!”

What is the coolest thing somebody has done to get your attention?
“Perfectly knowing the work of the different agencies.”

What is the stupidest thing somebody has done to get you to see them or their work?
“One day a guy came in the agency and put a box that was ticking like a bomb in the restroom and left. That was right after 9/11! We finally found out that it was his portfolio!! He never got the job.”

Finish the sentence: ‘’Kids these days….’’
“Kids these days want the money but not the sweat!”

How do you know when you’ve just seen the best idea you’ve ever seen?
“I just feel it! It pops out naturally and everybody rallies.”

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