Creative Bites: Martin Bernier

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What single piece of advice would you give a young creative before he or she sits down with you at PN10?
“Make the most of it.”

How important is it for a portfolio to be highly polished?
“Show you care.”

What would get your attention more, a portfolio full of amazing ‘traditional’ work (print, poster, outdoor) or a portfolio of pretty good boundary stretching work (digital, interactive, wild new guerilla or social media concepts etc.)?
“Amazing gets me every time. Of course, I’d love to see both.”

How many pieces should be in a portfolio? How many campaigns?
“Only the good ones. Campaigns ? If you have one good campaign, I’ll be impressed.”

How important is it to have long copy ads in a copywriter’s portfolio?
“Not looking for them. But if it serves a purpose, sure.”

What’s your personal favorite medium to work in and why? TV? Print? Online? Radio?
“Print ad. Billboards. Powerful stuff. Consumers short attention spans are not getting longer.”

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