Creative Bites: Alexandre Gadoua

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What single piece of advice would you give a young creative before he or she sits down with you at PN10?
“Prepare yourself for honest feedback. A good mix of civilized brutality and admiration.”

Do you prefer to look at work in a digital format, such as on a laptop, a tablet or an iPad, or do you prefer a physical portfolio?
“I don’t care. A good idea should fit on a napkin.”

What would get your attention more, a portfolio full of amazing ‘traditional’ work (print, poster, outdoor) or a portfolio of pretty good boundary stretching work (digital, interactive, wild new guerilla or social media concepts etc.)?
“To be truly impressive, a portfolio should have both a boundary stretching campaign and the “traditional” billboard that goes with it.”

In your opinion, is it better for new creatives to sell themselves as readymade teams, or as individuals to be paired up with who a CD believes would be a good match?
“Junior creatives presenting themselves as a team often confuse friendship with true chemistry. I rarely saw a readymade team survive the test of time.”

What’s the first thing a junior needs to know about working at your agency?
“If you think you know it all, don’t show up.”

How important is it to have long copy ads in a copywriter’s portfolio?
“Length doesn’t matter, as long as it’s good.”

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