Creative Bites: Catherine Savard

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What are you hoping to experience at Portfolio Night?
“I may be stating the obvious, but I’m hoping to see ideas. I’m not interested in crazy design skills or clever puns – the craft comes later and can be developed. If you can come up with ideas and communicate them effectively, then you’re ahead of the game.”

How many pieces should be in a portfolio? How many campaigns?
“I’d rather see two or three solid campaigns played out in a number of mediums than a bunch of individual pieces. I want to know you can take your idea and make it live in everything from radio to social media. ”

List three adjectives that describe the ultimate junior creative.
“Plays well with others, digitally native, possesses stamina”

How do you feel about non-advertising expressions of creativity in a portfolio? For example, photography or poetry?
“Love it. Good creatives are the ones that are open to the rest of the world. It’s important to cultivate those talents.”

What would you say to a person with one phenomenal piece in their portfolio, but everything else in his or her book is mediocre or worse?
“Get thyself to a photocopier”

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