Creative Bites: Marilou Aubin

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What are you hoping to experience at Portfolio Night?
“Fresh creativity, ideas beyond boundaries. Anything except soft, complaisant, commonplace ideas.”

Finish this sentence: “Kids these days,…”
“We just don’t know what they think, what they want, what they are going through. So we better not try to do like we understand them.”

How many pieces should be in a portfolio? How many campaigns?
“Just the best ones; enough to see variety and style, not too many to get confused. I would say between 7 and 10 would be ideal.”

How do you feel about non-advertising expressions of creativity in a portfolio? For example, photography or poetry?
“Seeing that a creative is passionate and really has an artistic talent and a personal practice is for me a great added value.”

Portfolio Night always brings out the best young copywriters and art directors. How do you think these roles will change in the next three years or so?
“More then ever, creatives need to have a strong strategic thinking. Ideas are not just short stories anymore; they are communication platform with interactive storytelling, communities, applications and even products.”

What will a creative director’s job be ten years from now?
“An incredible conductor who plays hundreds of different instruments and has the sensibility to know which string to pull when.”

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