Portfolio Night has always been a competitive event,
but this year we’re turning up the heat.

Introducing Portfolio Night All-Stars.

The event that could turn your Portfolio Night
ticket into a plane ticket.



One attendee from each Portfolio Night city will be selected as All-Star and then flown to New York in August 2013 to compete in the Portfolio Night All-Stars creative challenge. The week-long event will see the All-Stars working on a real brief from a real client, while being mentored and coached by members of the Art Directors Club community.

The stakes have never been higher. Not only will a ticket to Portfolio Night give you face time with some of the best Creative Directors in your city, but it could also land you a spot on the global stage next to some of the best creatives from around the world.


To be considered for Portfolio Night All-Stars you first need to attend Portfolio Night 11, happening in cities all over the world on May 22, 2013. However, only the best of the best will be named the All-Star at each event. To stand out amongst your peers, you will need to put more into your portfolio than you ever have before. To compete in the big leagues, you need big ideas, dedication to the craft of your work and an obsessive attention to detail.

Throughout Portfolio Night 11, each Creative Director will be asked to keep an eye out for attendees who stand out from the crowd, and who would best represent their city on our global stage. In the end, each Portfolio Night City Host will select their representative All-Star and ultimately decide who goes on to compete at Portfolio Night All-Stars in New York City.


The All-Stars will arrive in New York City the weekend before the competition is to begin (August 3-4, 2013). An informal welcome dinner will occur Sunday evening to get the group acclimatized. Monday morning will find the All-Stars gathering at the ADC Gallery, along with representatives from our partner client and members of the press. A short opening ceremony will include a welcome message from the Executive Director of the Art Directors Club followed by an overview of the creative brief. The All-Stars will then be divided into creative units with whom they will work with over the course of the challenge.

The Art Directors Club 29th Street Gallery will be the center point for the competition. Throughout the week the All-Stars will work out of the Gallery while being coached and mentored by prominent members of the ADC community.

The Portfolio Night All-Stars competition will come to a close Friday afternoon with a presentation to the client by each creative unit. The work will be evaluated and one team will be identified as winner.


How do I apply to take part in Portfolio Night All-Stars?

If you think you’re All-Star material, you need to attend Portfolio Night 11 in your city (see participating cities here: http://portfolionight.com/11/citiescds/cities) on May 22, 2013. One person from each Portfolio Night city will be selected to compete in Portfolio Night All-Stars.

How will the All-Stars from each city be selected?

Throughout Portfolio Night, each Creative Director will be asked to keep an eye out for attendees who stand out from the crowd, and who would best represent their city on our global stage. In the end the Portfolio Night host from each city will select the All-Star and ultimately decide who goes on to compete at Portfolio Night All-Stars in New York City.

When will the All-Stars be announced?

Naming an All-Star is a very important task and not something that can be accomplished the night of the event. Therefore, the All-Stars will be notified no later than May 27, 2013.

When is Portfolio Night All-Stars?

Portfolio Night All-Stars will take place from Aug 5-9, 2013. The All-Stars will be flown in the weekend before and flown out the weekend after.

What if I have a partner and we attend Portfolio Night together?

Only one person from each city will be named All-Star, even if two people share a portfolio. Remember, that being an All-Star is about more than an amazing book. It’s about having the best book, the best attitude and that special spark that sets you apart from everyone else.

If I am selected as All-Star do I have to pay for my flight or accommodations?

No. Flights and accommodations will be covered, along with some meals.

Do I need a passport?

If you are travelling from outside of the United States, you will need a passport to enter the country. Some visitors will also require a Visa.

Visitors from my country require a Visa to enter the US, what do I do?

If you are required to produce a Visa, or any other kind of paperwork to legally visit the U.S., it is your responsibility to obtain that in time for Portfolio Night All-Stars.

I am not originally from the country where I am attending Portfolio Night, can I still be selected to by that country to attend Portfolio Night All-Stars?

Yes. Let’s say you were born in Hungary, but you are attending Portfolio Night Paris, you can still be selected to attend Portfolio Night All-Stars. In that instance you would be representing Paris at the All-Stars competition.

Will it cost me anything to attend Portfolio Night All-Stars?

Yes. Your flight, hotel and some meals will be paid for, however everything else will be your responsibility to pay for, such as meals, entertainment, cabs/subway.


If you have a question which hasn’t been answered here, please contract Brendan Watson, Director of Education (Brendan@adcglobal.org)