Creative Bites: Pierre Odendaal

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1. What are you hoping to experience at Portfolio Night?

“As we will be experiencing our first Portfolio Night here in South Africa (Johannesburg) I am rather excited to see what the reactions and expectations of all participating will be, from the students (with all their hopes and dreams) right through to the Creative Directors and ECD’s who will be judging something like this for the first time. Over all I would have to say all should experience EXCITEMENT, FUN and walk away with GREAT memories and looking forward to the next Portfolio Night taking place in 2014.”

2. If you’ve been to Portfolio Night before, how would you describe it to a fellow CD who has never been?

“I remember going to Portfolio Night in New York not too long ago and as I was making my way down there I had this very thought playing over and over in my mind.
If I were to describe this I would have to say that it was more than I could have ever imagined. From the energy and buzz coming through to the laughter, joy and excitement felt by all. It’s almost like going to the races (horse racing that is) and one can’t wait for the bell to ring ‘cos as soon as the starting gates are open and everyone is away there is a pulse moving around the whole Portfolio Night space that lets you quickly realise how cool and awesome the night is. The students are champing at the bit, nervous as hell but still eager to get to meet and greet the best minds in the Industry and then when looking at the CD’s who are all offering their advice etc… One can quickly see that they are also caught up in the madness, WOW!”

3. What single piece of advice would you give a young creative before he or she sits down with you at PN11?

“This would have to be, take a deep breath, focus your thoughts and be as clear and concise as possible when elaborating on that particular piece of work that happens to be in front of you… Why? So the CD who may be sitting in front of you at the time, gets to give you the right feedback that can be invaluable and perhaps even alter/change your life for years to come.”

4. Why did you get into the advertising industry in the first place?

“I realized from a very young age that I was very interested in all manner of things and knowing the pace my brain worked at combined with my interests always changing I knew I would have to do something that catered too all of this. If you combine this with me liking things to always be presented beautifully and in a clear and concise way then you end up with Advertising. Imbue this with some storytelling then you really talking lol.”

5. What is the best way to keep young creative inspired and motivated?

“Mmmhhh… Tough one this. I would have to say keep things FRESH!”

6. How do you know when you’ve just seen the best idea you’ve ever seen?

“He, he, he… you know those little hairs on the back of your neck, well, they do this little dance thing and you just know.”

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