Portfolio Night tickets NOW ON SALE

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Finally! After months of preparation, tickets are now on sale for all 24 Portfolio Night 11 cities! From Tokyo, Japan, all the way westward to Los Angeles, USA, you can now purchase tickets for next month’s grand spectacle!

And from our end of things here at Portfolio Night Headquarters, we can see that many of you were just waiting for the chance! Perennial favorites such as New York, Toronto and Mumbai sold dozens of tickets in the first few hours, and are well on their way to selling out. Even new cities like Detroit and New Delhi are off to a great start.

A friendly word of advice to everyone: don’t procrastinate! Year after year we hear from young creatives who were kicking themselves because they waited too late to purchase their tickets, only to miss out on an opportunity to show their work to their favorite CDs. And this year, the stakes are even higher. Just ask someone who has already purchased a ticket about… Portfolio Night All-Stars!

So what are you waiting for? Find the city you wish to attend on the main page map, and buy your ticket today!

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