Bill Starkey | Creative Director | 1 Trick Pony

Mike Mielcarz | Senior Art Director | 1 Trick Pony

Scott Bille | Interactive Director | Aloysius Butler & Clark

Tom McGivney | Managing Partner | Aloysius Butler & Clark

Tony Ross | Director of Creative Services | Aloysius Butler & Clark

Matt Caspari | Partner & Creative Director | Caspari McCormick

Sean McCormick | Partner & Creative Director | Caspari McCormick

Heather McGuigan | Design Director | Caspari McCormick

Greg Ippolito | Creative Director | Annodyne, Inc

Jae King | VP Creative & User Experience | The Archer Group

Katy Mancini | Content Strategist | The Archer Group

Michael Mayton | Art Director | The Archer Group

Kyle Ferino | Art Director | Brownstein Group

James Olstein | Interactive Designer | Brownstein Group

Stacey Davis | Creative Director | Cadient Group

James Griffith | Creative Director | Cadient Group

Jason Koscho | Associate Creative Director | Cadient Group

Kathy Brooke | Creative Director | Deardorff

Wes Richards | Associate Creative Director | Deardorff

Abby Galardi | Director, Creative Services | DID Agency

Lauren Zollo | Senior Art Director | DID Agency

Peter Campbell | Creative Director | DID Agency

Patrick Lowery | Creative Director | DID Agency

Ted Mendelson | Vice President/Creative Director | Digitas Health

Violet Phillips | Vice President/Creative Director | Digitas Health

Steve Dimeo | Creative Director | Digitas Health

Jordan Goldenberg | Creative Director / Partner | Finch Brands

Scott Richards | Art Director | Finch Brands

Jerold Fox | VP ACD, Art | H4B Catapult

Lee Scott | Group Art Supervisor | H4B Catapult

Glenn Stevens | Group Art Supervisor | H4B Catapult

Jason Brantly | Creative Director | Masterminds

Tom Schneider | Associate Partner, Creative & Customer Experience | Rosetta

Doug Rockhill | Group Creative Director | Rosetta

Ron Coalson | Creative Director | Rosetta

Halen Van Dang | Senior Art Director | Roska Healthcare

Brian Phillips | Creative Director | Roska Healthcare

Glenn Hauler | Associate Creative Director | Roska Healthcare

Kate Heskett | VP Creative Operations | Stream Companies

Denise Cahill | Senior Art Director | Stream Companies

Dave Mazzoni | Creative Director | Stream Companies

Derek Miller | Associate Creative Director | Tierney

Jason Luster | VP, Group Creative Director | True Action

Kevin Breen | Creative Director | True Action

Kate Lindeen | Associate Creative DIrector | True Action


5.00-5.30pm:  Doors open – Registration and iStock Creative Director Welcome Drinks
5.45pm: Welcome Announcements and Rundown of Event
6.00pm: Review Period 1
- session 1, 15 min
- session 2, 15 min
- session 3, 15 min
6.45pm: Break 1
7.00pm: Review Period 2
- session 1, 15 min
- session 2, 15 min
- session 3, 15 min
7.45pm: Break 2
8.00pm: Review Period 3
- session 1, 15 min
- session 2, 15 min
- session 3, 15 min
8.45pm: Closing Announcements
9.00pm: Overtime begins



SCA Club
One Lincoln Financial Field Way
Philadelphia, Pa 19148


$25.00 USD for a Traditional Ticket, and $30.00 USD for a Guest Ticket

The Traditional Ticket is for aspiring advertising and design creatives with portfolios to show. This ticket works the same way PN11 tickets work in all other cities; you’ll be given one-on-one face time with some of Philly’s top creative directors, who will critique the work in your portfolio, offering you advice on how to improve your work and maybe even start your creative advertising career!

To determine if this ticket is right for you, please read this link.

The Guest Ticket is for people who fall outside of the “Traditional Ticket” group. Perhaps you’re an ad/marketing/PR major, and you’re curious to find out more about advertising as a career. Maybe you’re looking to break into advertising, but in a role such as Account Management or Media Planning/Buying. Or perhaps you are a photographer, illustrator, animator or some other artist looking to offer your services to agencies. In all of these cases, the Guest Ticket is right for you. While you will not receive scheduled one-on-one meetings during the portfolio review, you’ll be free to mingle and socialize, engaging in informal chats throughout the evening.

Tickets are scheduled to go on sale at 12:00 noon local time on April 15th, 2013

Buy Ticket


The Philly Ad Club is looking for volunteers to help make the evening a success. If you are interested — and have read the section on volunteering in our FAQs — please contact:

Christopher Lee