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img_1892Portfolio Night is an advertising event like no other, and its City Hosts are the local and national heroes of the event. Together we break down the walls between agencies and up-and-comers. We will take the future of the advertising industry into our own hands.

Every participating city needs a City Host to successfully carry out Portfolio Night.  City Hosts are in charge of leading and organizing Portfolio Night in their respective cities, with the support and guidance of the Portfolio Night management team.

The Portfolio Night team provides almost everything a City Host needs to put on a successful Portfolio Night, based on a model perfected after years of experience. The City Host provides the manpower to bring it all together and unite their city’s advertising industry in a celebration of the next generation of creative talent.

Not every city is suitable to be a Portfolio Night Host location. While you don’t need to be as big as a New York, a Toronto or a London, you do need to have a sizeable advertising community. Your city must have a pool of enthusiastic young talent from which to draw, be it portfolio schools or universities and colleges with advertising programs.

portfolio-nightWhile in most cases, Portfolio Night City Hosts have been respected advertising agencies within their respective cities, there have been occasions when a local or national advertising association or club, or even an advertising school has spearheaded the event. If this is your situation, contact us and we’ll assess your needs and abilities.

It’s hard work being a Portfolio Night City Host, but it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of. You’ll gain local, national and international recognition, you’ll be able to recruit top young talent, and you’ll be viewed as a champion of the new generation of creatives by your peers and by the young participants.

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