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San Francisco


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Thursday, June 11th, 2009


Aaron DaSilva | VP, Creative Director | PJA Advertising + Marketing
Dave Sandstedt | Associate Creative Director | PJA Advertising + Marketing

John Heath | Creative Director | Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Derick Daily | Executive Creative Director | Euro RSCG

Mike Fung | Executive Creative Director | Euro RSCG

Dru Jennett | Associate Creative Director | Eleven

Amani King | Associate Creative Director | Eleven

Nei Caetano | Creative Director | Brothers By Choice

Andreas Tagger | Creative Director | Brothers By Choice

J P Guiseppe | Creative Director | Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

John Reid | Associate Creative Director | Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

Steve Mapp | Associate Creative Director | Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

Marty Senn | Creative Director | Cutwater

Roy Tahtinen | Creative Director | Swirl

Steven Anacker | Creative Director | Swirl

Angel Evan | Partner, Creative Director | OgilvyOne

John Munyan | Creative Director | Duncan/Channon

Kevin Frank | Creative Director | Apple

Rob Ingalls | EVP/Executive Creative Director | Nimblefish Technologies

Steve Tornello | Associate Creative Director | AKQA


5.00 PM: Doors Open/Registration

6.00 PM: Host announces start of Portfolio Night

6.30 PM: Period 1 begins

7:20 PM: 1st Intermission

7.30 PM:  Period 2 begins

8:20 PM: 2nd Intermission

8.30 PM: Period 3 begins

9:20 PM: 3rd Intermission

9.30 PM:  Overtime


Sugar Café | Coffee Bar & Lounge
679 Sutter Street
San Francisco



Ticket Price: $35.00USD



For further information on becoming involved in Portfolio Night 7 San Francisco, please contact Claire Owen at

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer for this event, please contact Rafik Belmesk at Digg Facebook Google Yahoo Buzz StumbleUpon


  • joanna joanna says:

    How many creatives do you get to talk to throughout your session?


  • Hey Joanna, everybody gets to meet with three creative directors. Once everybody has gone through the system, there is an overtime period where you can meet with any CDs you choose — most of them stick around well into the evening for this part!

  • Maira Shafqat Maira Shafqat says:

    I was wondering, how many pieces are the CDs looking for. I know that its rather the idea then the quantity but i need to know …4-5 campaign makes sense. Including the integrated ones.
    i am really looking forward to my portfolio review.


  • There is no hard and fast rule here, but I suggest you take a look at the “Creative Bites” section of this site. There you will find dozens of mini-interviews with the actual creative directors attending Portfolio Night 7. They all offer helpful tips and opinions, and quite a number of them answer your very question.


  • meghan meghan says:

    Is there any fear of San Francisco selling out before next week? I am trying to decide between SF and NY, but NY information is not even available yet.


  • You should still be able to get SF tickets early next week. NYC info will be going up in a few mins… I will say that if you’re really adventurous (and fortunate enough to grab tickets quickly) you could attend both.

  • Walter Walter says:

    Are there going to be tickets sold at the door or is it online only?

  • Sorry Walter, tickets must be purchased online in advance. And unfortunately in the case of San Francisco, tickets are sold out.

  • Dave Dave says:

    I was wondering how we’re matched up with the professionals. If there’s someone in particular I’d like to meet with, can that be arranged?

  • Hey Dave,

    During your assigned shift you will be paired randomly with three creative directors. However, during the overtime period, you may meet with whoever you choose… of course being respectful of your fellow attendees and the CDs’ time.