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PN7: Share your stories

Submitted by Portfolio Night 7 on June 20, 2009 – 11:39 am

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random-beer-drinkingAnother year, another Portfolio Night is almost completely in the history books.

First of all, to everyone who attended last night, young creatives and CDs alike: THANK YOU.

To every host agency who worked so hard to pull this off, in a year where the economy made our industry so fearful: THANK YOU.

To every partner and host: THANK YOU.

We at ihaveanidea are looking for your Portfolio Night 7 stories. How was PN7 to you? Did you have a good time, an amazing time or even an awful time? Did you travel a great distance just to attend? Who did you meet? How did your portfolio fare? What kind of advice did you get? Did you get a job offer or an internship?

We want to know everything. Even the bad stuff, because there’s no way we can make this event better without hearing some constructive criticism. Please, email your thoughts to Brett McKenzie, ihaveanidea’s Chief Writer SBN2 at Be sure to include your name and city you attended in the email. We promise to read every response! Digg Facebook Google Yahoo Buzz StumbleUpon


  • adam adam says:

    thanks to everyone for making portfolio night 7 a worthwhile experience. i really appreciated the hospitality of the hosts and the services provided by the creative directors.

    next year i hope the space will be larger with better acoustics as i found myself shouting to be heard last night!

    my one true criticism from last night is with the creative director from XXXXXXXXXXXX - calling student work absolute shit at an event designed to be constructive is neither helpful, nor is it professional. there was absolutely no need to be rude to people actively seeking guidance and advice. the creative director acted in poor taste that will prevent me from wishing to do business with the agency in the future. you would think that at an event of advertising people, you’d want to present your agency in the best possible light…

  • In the interest of keeping things relatively cool on this site, I censored the name of the agency in Adam’s post. If you were at PN7 San Fran last night and you had a similar experience with this person, then you’ll know who Adam was talking about. If you met the same CD and had a positive experience, then Adam’s experience probably won’t change yours. And if you absolutely must know who it was for some reason, give Adam a shout. In any case, all of the compliments and criticisms are much appreciated!

  • Magdalena Magdalena says:

    I was at portfolio Night 7 in Montreal last night.

    As my first experience with honest feedback, I absolutely enjoyed it.
    The feedback was honest and constructive.
    It made me realize how much talent and different roads there’s out there.

    The feedback from the CD’s only makes me want to work harder and improve my book to become the best graphic artist that I can be.

    Thanks so much for putting together such an honest and fun event!

  • Nicole Nicole says:

    It’s the first time Portfolio night is in Malaysia. It’s a good experience & exposure & i reckon it’s awesome to be able to meet all these veterans in the industry & pick their brains. Some of the CD’s gave really awesome & helpful advice but some had very little to say which obviously did not help. I reckon they should be more responsive & sharing. As for the response from the students it was rather poor, which was rather embarrassing but I’m hoping it will be more expose next year & more response.

  • David David says:

    I attended PN7 Chicago on Thursday night and flew in from Boston so one might imagine personal costs I incurred to attend, 2 plane tickets and hotel aside. I was laid-of in September and still out of work. Like Adam, I felt that these people were tired and just wanted to go home after working all day. I also had to shout since the venue was so small and crammed with 100 students seeking advice.

    I found little difference between this and speed-dating (I can only imagine), 10-12 minutes with each CD before the cowbell rings and you’re off to the next table, mid-way through a conversation that might have gone somewhere. Lighting was poor and CDs were holding candles up to the books of students, just to see what they were supposed to be looking at.

    As designers, we know the importance of detail, none which could be seen in a dark, lounge atmosphere, 9PM. By the third round, the round I was part of, the attention span of the CDs I met with were short. Perhaps it was the open bar and shots that were consumed prior. I was really disgusted when they bickered between themselves about handing out business cards and accepting resumes. I witnessed mine torn in two and tossed under the table seconds after I got up. I felt compelled to confront this particular CD about it and so I did, taken aback by my impatience with ignorant people. CD or not.

    It’s a tough economy out there and people are struggling. High ups who drive around in their Benzes are happy to remain in their little bubbles. Jobs are scarce and people don’t want to be jerked around anymore. All in all, I appreciated the opportunity, advice and people I spoke with but I don’t think I’d do it again.

  • marcellus marcellus says:

    I was at portfolio night 7 in LA. David & Goliath were great hosts. I got great feedback. both very critical and very constructive. Every CD did a great job giving direction and had as many questions to ask about the work as you had about them and where to improve. I met a great group of other creatives and I wish I didn’t have to leave early. If anyone was there at the Los Angeles Portfolio night. my name is Marcellus wilson,we should keep in touch and check up on each other six months from now. Maybe start a facebook group for P7 LA?

  • These are all great responses, but please, email them to me :)

  • Matthew Matthew says:

    My post is going to sound a lot like David’s above.

    I attended PN7 here in Chicago. I don’t want to sound mean, but I must say, I (along with a couple friends) were rather disappointed with the event. One big issue we had was the venue. The Relax Lounge was way to small to hold such a large event. The following morning I had no voice, simply because we were forced to practically yell at each other just to hear one another.

    Another problem was that the time limit for each CD was too short. At 15 minutes, we would get through about 3/4 of my book before that cowbell would ring. For $40, I was expecting to have a good 30 minutes with each CD. I didn’t have any time to ask them any questions about the business or my campaigns. Again, they would look at a campaign, say they either really liked it or weren’t feeling it right now, but there was no time for them to elaborate. Add to the fact that time was taking up from, “I can’t hear you!” “What did you say?” because of the venue size.

    Lastly, my second reviewer started off by saying, “Just so you know, I don’t work at an agency. I am producer, and therefor I am here to meet you people so when you get a job, you guys can hire me.” Are you kidding me? The only good thing I got from him was the he looked at my campaigns from a production standpoint instead of a conceptual standpoint. But still, this was not what I paid for. I am not going into producing, I want to get into an agency, and work under a CD… those are the people I paid to talk too.

    It wasn’t a terrible night by any means, I did get to show my work to two CDs and got some experience talking (or in this case shouting) to them. But from what I was expecting, this was a major letdown. If next year I am still on the lookout for a job, I am going to really take the time to consider if I want to attend PN or not. There need to be some changes made, because PN7 was not worth $40. Perhaps next year, skip the free booze and invest the money in a nicer venue, or pay the CDs a little more to stay a little longer so we juniors have more time to talk with them. I went for the interactions, not three bottles of Miller Lite that were on the house.

    Again, I don’t want to sound mean or rude, just an honest opinion of my experience there. If you do plan to do things a little differently next year, please keep me informed, because I won’t let one bad experience taint my view of what could really be a cool and helpful night.


  • David R. David R. says:

    I went to the Chicago Portfolio Night, too. I met with three and chatted with a few CD’s after, too. It was a good time and I got some great feedback on my book that I’m going to move forward with. Love this event!!

  • Emile Emile says:

    Was a great night, nobody got a job in my area.

  • Jon Jon says:

    David’s post(June 16th) was spot on about Chicago PN7. It was horrible this year due to the lighting, lack of food -which quickly liquored up the CDs, and a venue so loud I had to nuzzle up to the cheeks of every CD just to get in my name.
    Unlike many of my peers, I got lucky and only had one dickhead review my book. The other two cds were awesome and really made the work I put in, money I spent, and sh**heads I met worth it. Especially the last CD, who gave me one of the most solid critiques I’ve ever received as a junior copywriter. But thanks to blankity-trude, who made chicago what it wasn’t this year, I didn’t get his name.