Greetings from the President

What a difference a year makes.

2009 saw the global economy in turmoil, and the advertising industry went right along with it. Budgets, hours and staff were all diminished in most agencies. In fact the only things that seemed to be steadily rising were anxiety levels.

We at ihaveanidea strongly believed that despite the financial crisis, it was more important than ever to continue Portfolio Night, the gleaming gem on our calendar of events. The ad world and its models were changing, and nobody is better poised to embrace change than the passionate, tech-savvy young creative who normally attend Portfolio Night. Others shared our belief, and in the end we had a wonderful event in twenty cities around the world.

Fast forward one year later. the advertising industry didn’t careen off into the abyss, and its numbers are making a measurable comeback. And because we bravely pushed forward last year in spite of the hardships, in 2010 I can proudly welcome you to Portfolio Night 8, the biggest and grandest one of all.

Portfolio Night 8 is set to take place in nearly forty cities across the globe on May 20th, with roughly half of these world-class locales getting involved for the very first time. Advertising hotspots such as India, Sweden and Belgium have all come aboard. The US is home to four new Portfolio Night cities, stretching from the Pacific Northwest to the Deep South. Locations as disparate as Caracas, Tel Aviv and Jeddah are excitedly involved. 2010 even has London and Hong Kong returning to Portfolio Night, stronger than ever.

But no matter how big Portfolio Night 8 has become, the mission is still the same: to unite the advertising communities around the world in celebrating the next generation of creative talent, a generation more in tune with the trends of the future than ever before.

Welcome to Portfolio Night.

ignacioPN8picIgnacio Oreamuno
El Presidente
ihaveanidea, Portfolio Night