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What single piece of advice would you give a young creative before he or she sits down with you at PN8?

“When you hear feedback, try not to whimper. Or at least try not to whimper as loudly as that guy did last year, who frightened the others. Look, odds are, your stuff isn’t going to be loved. The vast majority of the ideas we see all day at our jobs won’t be loved either — and they’re conceived by people we hired. We’re a tough lot to impress. It’s nothing personal.”

How important is it for a portfolio to be highly polished?

“If you see two portfolios and both are filled with great ideas, the one that shows better craftsmanship will get the job. Oh hell, what am I saying? If we see two portfolios filled with great ideas, we’ll try and find room for both of you.”

What would get your attention more, a portfolio full of amazing ‘traditional’ work (print, poster, outdoor) or a portfolio of pretty good boundary stretching work (digital, interactive, wild new guerilla concepts, mobile apps etc.)?

“Work that’s “amazing” but doesn’t taking advantage of all the ways you can connect with people these days doesn’t sound so amazing. And “pretty good” work doesn’t get attention, regardless of medium. I’d suggest not settling for either of the above scenarios.”

List three adjectives that describe the ultimate junior creative.

“Curious, persistent, incorrigible. (Not coincidentally, those adjectives describe the ultimate senior creative as well.)”

How do you feel about non-advertising expressions of creativity in a portfolio? For example, photography or poetry?

“Sure, why not? Eventually, people whose lives revolve around advertising make horrible cocktail party guests. But keep in mind, you won’t get hired because you take good photos or write good poetry. You may however get hired because your photography shows passion, or commitment, or that you are an extraordinarily interesting person who knows EXACTLY where to find an illegal late bar in a city where you’ve just arrived. And you may get hired because your poetry helps show you see the world differently than anyone else we have on staff. In other words, don’t show something non-advertising-y because it’s creative; show it because it helps demonstrate why you’d be valuable to have on staff.”

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