Creative Bites: Chiara Castiglioni

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List three adjectives that describe the ultimate junior creative.

“Dogged. Humble. Hungry.”

Looking back, what was your own first portfolio like?

“It was a disaster, simply because it couldn’t be defined as a portfolio. I didn’t attend an ad school so I didn’t have a clue about what I was supposed to do to enter this world. I just knew that I wanted to open that door. It had been particularly tough but, as luck would have it, someone believed in me.”

Do you think there is much of a distinction left between writers and art directors nowadays?

“The only distinction that makes sense to me is between clever and not clever people. And, of course, between those who can use Indesign or Flash and those who can’t. Apart from that and reserve everyone’s competences, nowadays a creative must be able to switch over to being a copywriter, an art director, an account manager, a producer, an art buyer.”

How important is it to have long copy ads in a copywriter’s portfolio?

“No one thinks that copywriters write and read anymore, and art directors just play with images. But as a copywriter, I thank God every day that the trend of having a stunning visual with the headline “Now in four different flavours” in tiny print, bottom right, has finally ended.”

A top-notch portfolio is crucial, but how much does personality count towards making a hire?

“In my opinion personality is also crucial. Our work is based on relationships, both between advertising people and with clients. Together with talent and energy, personality helps one to stand out. It’s best to have it when you’re about to tell someone they have to work during the weekend or you’re hoping for a raise. And above all, when you are trying to sell an idea.”

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