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Andrew at Jolene's weddingANDREW STUBER



Name one ad or campaign over the past year or so that absolutely blew you away, and tell us why you loved it.

“My favorite campaign in the past year, that absolutely blew me away is the NHL 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs, “History Will be Made” campaign. I love it. The ads take pinnacle plays and players throughout NHL history, play them backwards and ask a question thats along the lines of “what if it didn’t happen”, for example the one with Mario Lemieux was, “What if Mario wasn’t so Super?” following that image it states, “History Will be Made.”

“I love these ads, because I am a huge hockey fan, and I love history. This campaign brings the two together for an ad that is almost tear jerking.”

Why is there so much bad advertising out there?

“I think there is so much bad advertising because people are getting cheap and have a brother, cousin, or friend to make the ads. From working at Apple, I have noticed that people will buy a Mac and Photoshop or even use Pages, create something and then think they’re a designer. All of this without any training. Advertising is more then just a large scale font and a piece of clip art. Advertising is its own art, and one has to study the art to become good at it, not play with the brush tool for five minutes.”

Which Mad Men character are you most like and why?

“Which Mad Men character am I? To be honest I’m not sure. Have you ever caught the show Trust Me? I would definitely be Hector.”

What are some of your brainstorming techniques?

“When I brainstorm, I search the internet for similar projects or images, while listening to music. I take what I like and lean back, close my eyes, and dream it coming together with the musical and visual inspiration.”

What’s your cure for writer’s block?

“When writers block creeps up, I like to take a break by watching an episode of Mythbusters, Monsterquest, Mysteryquest or really anything on Discovery Channel or History Channel. It is a quick education on something and gets my brain going in a different way than what I was working on and allows me to think a bit better. Almost like a quick brain warm up. “Entertain Your Brain,” right?”

Be honest, who has it easier, art directors or copywriters?

“I don’t think either art directors or copywriters have it easier, one has to captivate the audience with imagery and the other with words.”

“An ad could have the best written line in the world, however if it was on a horrible looking image, it’s ruined. Same is true the other way. An ad could be visually beautiful but have an awful line to ruin it. Both art and copy have to be great and married together just right to have a truly amazing ad.”

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  1. Hey Andrew, I always knew you were smart…..great quotes….Rita