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Self photo scannedSANJIV CHOUDHARY


When did you realize you wanted to get into advertising?

“In order to sell my Synthetic Paper, I had to develop finished products as per client & market specifications. That brought the creativity out of me. And my extensive reading and focused TV & website watching on advertising & marketing fuelled my passion for advertising. So at age 40+ I went ahead and did Foundation Course on Advertising and to upgrade my knowledge from analogue to digital, did Course in Pre Press Multimedia. Now, I believe that with knowledge & practical experience, a platform like PN9 will give me a chance to do the real stuff. “

Name three adjectives that best describe you.

“Ingenious, creative and Intellectual.”

What are your favorite non-advertising related creative outlets?

“Books, Watching or reading interviews of Who’s Who, News or special programs on TV, newspaper or any other format, Inquisitive about anything new or unusual, Films, Music, Travelling & Human behavior”

What would make you indispensable to an ad agency?

“Apart from the job essentials, I bring forth the depth of Practical and Technical Knowledge and Experience, Creativity, In-depth knowledge of Advertising, Event conceptualization and Marketing, Excellent Communication skills, above par Interpersonal skills and I am Computer and technology savvy. I also bring a unique combination of the Traditional and Digital Marketing practices and the much coveted Entrepreneurial approach. Took a sabbatical and spent last 5 years to upgrade my knowledge base from analogue to digital and also did Foundation Course in Advertising and learnt Pre Press Multi Media Course.”

You’re not from or based in Mumbai. Why did you
choose that city to attend Portfolio Night?

“Because it is the hub of advertising in India. I wanted to shift long back, but could not due to personal commitments. But now I am shifting to Mumbai for good, to realize my dreams to be known as one of the best Creatives in the world.”

Can creativity be taught?

“Never. It comes naturally, but according to Edward De Bono’s book- Lateral Thinking- it can be triggered. Creativity has two parts.
a) Left brain i.e. the science and art and craft tools or intelligence that you can acquire. The trigger.
b) Right brain i.e. the intellect, the power to think and ideate and come up with a new combination of existing ideas.

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