Ready To Shine: Phil Wright

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What good are award shows for someone of your level of experience?

“To loosely gauge how good my work is. There’s always a market for the best of anything, awards shows act as a yardstick.”

Do you prefer to think things out with a pen and paper or on a computer?

“Pen and paper. The structure is less defined so I can map out my thought process more accurately. Also, I can’t get distracted by angry birds.”

What advice would you give to a student who is just starting ad school?

“Pay attention to the “rules” of ad creative. It’s only after you’ve learned them that you’ll be able to break them effectively.”

What are some of your brainstorming techniques?

“A magician never reveals his secrets!”

Why is there so much bad advertising out there?

“I would argue that a lot of marketers prefer to make the ad they want to see, instead of what their customers would rather watch.”

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