Ready To Shine: Jessica Lock

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When did you realize you wanted to get into advertising?

“After looking at a campaign that raised awareness about hunger. It suddenly hit me: how influential and advertising is. It’s more than just selling products; it’s a form of communication.”

What are some of your brainstorming techniques?

“Doing leisure activities, shifting my focus and let it run in the back of my head. Taking random walks (which usually can last hours), cooking, drawing or even running. Inspiration usually comes when my focus is on other things.”

If you could ask your favorite creative director one question and be guaranteed an honest, straightforward answer, what would your question be?

“How has advertising changed you?”

What’s the biggest misconception you had about the advertising industry before deciding to break in?

“That it was just about products. Never really thought of the extensive process behind it. The idea generation sessions, the creative approaches, the clients, the rejected ideas, the budgets, the impacts, absolutely everything!”

Give one example where you feel that advertising has made this world a little bit better.

“Advertising can change lives. By raising awareness in issues that many people ignore or aren’t even aware of. It can trigger compassion and bring people together for good causes. After all, it is a form of communication, a tool that helps people to help.”

What advice would you give to a student who is just starting ad school?

“With passion and perseverance you can go anywhere and do anything. Passion is contagious.”

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