Ready To Shine: Hannah Arusell

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How would you explain your future job to family and friends who don’t know anything about the ad industry?

“I usually don’t. My family and friends think I’m writing jingles and creating cartoon mascots for companies and brands. My aunt said she thinks I’m affiliated with the CIA because no one seems to be able to define exactly what I do, or what I want to do- and I’m OK with that!”

What are you favorite non-advertising related creative outlets?

“I’ve always wanted to be an interior designer or decorator. I spray paint almost anything that sits in one place too long. I make Christmas ornaments as gifts every year. I cook, more food than I can eat, so I invite people over to try my recipes all the time. I’d love to be a wedding planner some day. Occasionally I paint, but I have trouble finishing a painting, so it’s usually a longer process than I care to endure.”

Do you prefer to think things out with a pen and paper or on a computer?

“Pen and paper. I’ve always hand written notes and ideas because I remember them better when I physically write and see them. Ideas flow more freely when I can use a combination of words, doodles, lines and shapes splattered across the page.”

How do you know when you’ve seen the best idea ever?

“It’s shocking, surprising, makes me laugh out loud, unexpected, I want to share it with everyone and I think- why didn’t I think of that! I love exploring the world and finding great ideas!”

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