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Why is there so much bad advertising out there?

“Bad advertising exists for two reasons:

1. Advertising is subjective. As much as we all like to pretend to know what’ll hit, even “the best” shops plop out uninspired work, fail to meet the targets, and lose clients. We’re all human. We’re going to make mistakes. (Hopefully only occasionally)

2. However, the fear of making these mistakes breeds laziness and nudges most people towards playing it safe and recycling old ideas. (Clients are guilty too)

Case in point: A creative at a now world-renowned agency refused to let an idea die when his CD rejected it. He believe in his crazy idea so strongly that he canvased the agency for what little support he could muster, filmed it in his own ratty apartment, wrote the code, and posted his final execution to little fanfare. Millions of free impressions later, The Subservient Chicken still does pervy little dances at your command.

These happy accidents can start advertising revolutions. If you’re too scared to land on your face, then you’re dead in the water. Sorry for the rant. Keep your chins up, kids.”

Can creativity be taught?

“Absolutely, but it’s more a process of un-teaching conformity, peeling back the layers of fear and years of being told “you can’t do that”, and learning to play again. It helps if you never went to law school and never studied accounting.”

Tell us about the most unusual job you ever had.

“After answering an anonymous ad for a copywriter on craigslist, I found myself outside a dilapidated housing complex. I walked past hanging crystals and dreamcatchers to a garden where a chiseled man in only a loincloth sat beside a trickling fountain resistance training with a live, six-foot, Albino boa constrictor. A sixty year old Chinese woman and her twenty-year old husband sat me down to a vegan (and I’m assuming laced) meal from their “New Reality” garden and proceeded to babble on and on about energy fields, Chakra, and “Synchronicity” as I passed out. I’m not sure what I ate, what I wrote, or what they did to me, but I got out of it alive and they even paid me for what I assume was days of work. It was like some kind of New Wave Deliverance. I’m tired of freelancing…”

What was the last email/URL you forwarded to everybody because it was so amazing?

Croatians, how do they work?

What song pretty much captures how you are feeling about your advertising career right now?

“Tom Waits ‘Chocolate Jesus‘.”

Everybody knows Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Wieden + Kennedy and Droga5, but do you have an agency that you absolutely love that you find few people know about?

Wexley School for Girls. The school does a lot of local branding for places near and dear to my heart and hometown of Seattle, WA.

-The only thing sweeter than their uniforms are the cookies they bake.
-Watch the short “Winner Take Steve” then try NOT watching it four more times. STEVE!
-Click on the censored bar for a fun surprise.”

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