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May 08. 2008 |
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When we created Portfolio Night six years ago, we at ihaveanidea were barely advertising juniors ourselves, attempting to change our industry from the bottom up. Today, we see that change. Wherever we travel, from the agencies of Portfolio Night’s Toronto birthplace, to the office towers of the Big Apple, to the beaches of Cannes and beyond, it is hard not to bump into someone who got their first break at one of the five years of this wonderful event.

As the earth turns and the sun sets on all the major advertising capitals of the world, we will mobilize all the top creative directors—the leaders of the ad world—to carry out the largest advertising portfolio review in the history of advertising. Thousands of juniors will receive valuable face-to-face time with the best creative directors in the world.

Portfolio Night can be categorized as the single largest simultaneous career speed-dating night in the world. Bob Scarpelli, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of DDB Worldwide and one of ihaveanidea’s most ardent supporters calls it “one of the most important events of the year for the advertising industry.”

On May 8, we will attempt to change the advertising from the ground up once again. The ad industry has greatly evolved since Portfolio Night’s small yet audacious beginnings in 2003, and it is our responsibility to help our industry adjust to the future. As such, we have decided not to just open wide the doors of Portfolio Night to the future model of the ad industry, but to have a nice cold cocktail waiting for it at the door.

This year we will invite not just traditional copywriter and art directors, but interactive art directors and advertising-geared designers as well. It will also be the first time that aspiring creatives will have the option of showing their work on traditional print portfolios or laptops.

The world is not 8.5 x 11 anymore.

See you on May 8!

Ignacio Oreamuno



Global Partner Videos

“Bob” DDB Canada, Toronto

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BLACK BAG Talent Attraction + Acquisition

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VCU Brandcenter

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Ross Sutherland

Chief Creative Officer, CORBIS

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PN6 Photos, Videos and Stories

With ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 behind us, we now have photos and videos from just about every PN6 city online (with a few late additions trickling in as we speak. )Check ‘em all out right here. You might even see yourself in a few!

We’d also like to thank everyone who sent in their Portfolio Night 6 compliments, constructive criticisms and stories. We’ve published a number of the letters on our site, which you can read by clicking right here. Of course, you could still be added to that page by sending your comments and stories to brett@ihaveanidea.org

Thanks once again everyone, and keep your eyes on ihaveanidea for more of the usual cool stuff we bring to you all!

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PN6: More from the blogosphere

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in Portfolio Night and has sent us their stories about the experience. More emails come in every day, and we plan to put these stories online very shortly, along with photos and videos from the various Portfolio Night 6 cities.

In the meantime, here are more blogs from around the world written by people who were at PN6. Most were participants, getting their portfolios reviewed, but a few come from other people, including volunteers and journalists.


3 Months To Become a Copywriter in Amsterdam (now that’s a pretty focused blog!)


ideacreativa (en español)

Pablo Honey (en español)


My Name Is Jay


Always Try To Go With Something Else

Ads De Mi Vida (en español)


My Blog HK


Creative In London

All About The Crit


Circolo RiCreativo Zarathustra (scritto nell’italiano)

Lulu Thinks (scritto nell’italiano)


Student of PR

Marketing Magazine Blog

Thanks again to everyone, and keep sending your PN6 stories, blog links, suggestions, criticisms and lavish praise to brett@ihaveanidea.org

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PN6 Blogging From The Other Side Of The Table

Now that ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 is now in the history books, we’ve asked all of the creative hopefuls to send us their stories about their PN6 experiences. Little did we know that it wouldn’t just be the aspiring creatives wanting to weigh in on the event. We’ve also found some blog musings by CDs and other PN6 participants.

Here’s a post on crackunit.com, a blog by Iain Tait, founder of Poke. Iain was one of the creatives who reviewed books at PN6 London. And here’s a blog post by Ronnie Lebow, who came to PN6 Toronto as an invited guest and ended up offering advice to the creative hopefuls himself.

If you’re well versed in Italian, you can check out this blog post by Francesco Taddeucci, Creative Director of The Name, who participated in PN6 Milan. Sonya Grewal and Greg Christensen, Y&R creative director and senior writer respectively, gave a very detailed recap of what they saw at PN6 Chicago. Very much worth a read no matter what city you’re from!

And here’s an interesting blog post from a young Hill Holliday creative who was asked by her CDs to fill in for them at PN6 Boston.

To everyone who attended PN6 – on either side of the review table – please, let us know your stories! Please send your tales and blog links to brett@ihaveanidea.org

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PN6 Los Angeles: 180 Hires As Promised

ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 just wrapped up moments ago in Los Angeles. Hosted by 180 LA and taking place at the soon to be opened California location of audio production superstars Massive Music, it was certainly a night to remember!

And it was especially memorable for one attendee, who landed the much publicized job at 180 at the end of the evening. Ben Barney, an Austin, TX copywriter who interned at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, was judged to have the one portfolio that stood above all others this evening. “I’m really psyched,” said Barney, who claimed he didn’t even know about 180’s announcement until after the had bought his ticket. “I kinda feel like Cinderella.”

We’re not sure if that was an apt metaphor, as the announcement was made just after midnight, yet Ben’s good fortune wasn’t turning into a pumpkin anytime soon.

Congratulations Ben, and thanks to everyone at PN6 LA – from the hosts, the CDs, the sponsors and especially the aspiring creatives – for making PN6 LA such a success.

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PN6 Boston SOLD OUT!

The Boston Tea Party was big. The Red Sox breaking the Curse of the Bambino was big. The Patriots completing a perfect season could’ve been big, but nothing compares to ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 selling out in Boston, only the second US city to do so! To those who managed to score a ticket in time, congratulations! PJA Advertising + Marketing, the local hosts, has quite a shindig planned, and your portfolio will be reviewed by some of the top local and regional talent around!

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Just Under 24 Hours To Go…

…before ticket sales are cut off for ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6!

Let’s look at what’s available, shall we? Click on each city’s name for more info, including purchasing tickets.

  • Amsterdam: 31 tickets left. This an incredible opportunity for people who missed out on getting tickets for the long sold out London event. Buy a last minute plane ticket and meet people from 180, Wieden + Kennedy and more!
  • Auckland: 26 tickets remaining, for the low, low cost of absolutely free, thanks to DDB New Zealand’s generosity!
  • Boston: Only two tickets left! Definitely worth the drive up from New York City (no, there are no more tickets left for the Big Apple, you can stop emailing us now)
  • Chicago: 56 tickets remaining, and a wide selection of CDs, including some out of towners.
  • Los Angeles: 29 tickets left. Remember, the best book at LA’s Portfolio Night is guaranteed a job at 180 LA!
  • Miami: 20 tickets remaining.
  • Quebec: The smallest, most intimate of Portfolio Night cities has 46 tickets left.
  • Sydney: 16 tickets left, and they’re absolutely free thanks to DDB Sydney.
  • Vancouver: one of the ‘Original Three’ still has 28 tickets left.

This is your last chance everyone! Tickets will not be sold at the door!

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PN6 Hong Hong & Singapore SOLD OUT!

With ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 only days away, we can now add two more cities to the sold out list. Both Singapore and Hong Kong have sold their final tickets.

Who’s next? It looks like it just might be Boston, where there are only two tickets left!

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Last Chance For San Fran!

There are now only about twelve hours left before the cut-off time for Portfolio Night ticket sales in San Francisco! PN6 San Fran is the kickoff for all of Portfolio Night, and it takes place this Wednesday!

Get your tickets now right here!

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Where In The World Is Ignacio Oreamuno?

Once upon a time, ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night only took place in three Canadian cities. In 2008, however, the annual event has grown to almost two dozen locations across the globe. And while the ihaveanidea team itself has grown in that same time frame, we’re still not big enough to physically be in every single city this Thursday. So unless rapid human cloning becomes available in the next 72 hours or so, here’s where you’ll find the ihaveanidea gang on Portfolio Night:

Jay Thompson, ihaveanidea’s VP of Stuff, will be heading to the very agency that turned him onto advertising in the first place, 180 in Amsterdam. Let’s hope we don’t lose him to the city’s – ahem – coffee shops.

Mimi Martinoski, our Director of Communications, is well suited and prepared for the ultra-posh Knightsbridge district of London, where JWT is hosting PN6.

Brendan Watson, Director of Educational Resources, will be packing his Speedo and sunscreen and head to Miami to join Alma DDB on what’s looking to be a great evening.

Portfolio Night 6 might be global now, but we can’t forget where it all began. Therefore Nat Salgueiro, ihaveanidea’s Chief Editor, will be in attendance at the birthplace of Portfolio Night – Toronto – where PN6 is hosted by DDB Canada.

Rafik Belmesk, ihaveanidea’s celebrated Future Gold co-ordinator, will be holding down the fort in Montreal, helping to ref the event at Sid Lee. It’s a good thing too, considering he’s the only one of us that’s perfectly fluent en français.

Michelle Planche, Portfolio Night Event Director, is set to take a bite out of the Big Apple, assisting DDB at PN6 New York.

And Brett McKenzie, Chief Writer, SBN2, has the honor of both starting and finishing Portfolio Night this year; he’ll be there to kick off the festivities with Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners in San Francisco on Wednesday night, then he’ll be winding it all down 24+ hours later in Los Angeles with 180. No word on whether he’ll be bringing his portfolio along to try to get in on 180’s incredible announcement.

If you’re attending Portfolio Night 6 in any of these locales, please stop us, say hi and chat. Even if you’re in one of the other cities, there are dozens of local event leads and volunteers who we’re sure would appreciate a kind word!

Oh, and where in the world is Ignacio Oreamuno?

ihaveanidea’s founder and president will be attending Portfolio Night 6 in Buenos Aires with the Círculo de Creativos Argentinos. Olé!

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Piñata Night 6 in Miami

With only a few days before ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night, it looks like the crew at Alma DDB are looking to make PN6 Miami into one heckuva party, as seen in this video.

Tickets are still available for PN6 Miami, which is attracting a whole host of agencies (including some upstart shop called Crispin Porter + Bogusky), as well as students from New York, and even a young hopeful making the trek up from Peru!

Get your tickets and join the party by clicking here.

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PN6 Toronto SOLD OUT!

The birthplace of ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night – Toronto, Canada – is now officially sold out! This brings the total of sold-out cities to lucky number seven. We don’t expect that number to remain, however, as Singapore has only two tickets left!

Stay tuned!

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PN 6 London: Well Deserved Abuse

For all of those attending ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 in London this Thursday, we hope you are ready. After watching this video by JWT, it might not be pretty.

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PN6 Montreal: The Lost Fingers

As anybody who has attended ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night in the past can attest, getting your portfolio reviewed is only part of the fun! There are plenty of laughs to be had, along with food, drinks and often unique entertainment. It appears as if the folks at Sid Lee have that last point covered, as they have announced that popular jazz acoustic cover band The Lost Fingers will be providing their musical talents for PN6 in Montreal. You can check them out on their myspace page right here. Their stirring rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Part Time Lover” must be amazing live.

For anybody who’s attending PN6 in Montreal, you also have a chance to check out Sid Lee in advance of this Thursday, as the agency is hosting a design exhibit and open house on Sunday, May 4th, from noon ’til 5 PM. It’s a great opportunity to get your pre-Portfolio Night schmooze on, and to figure out the best place to stand during the overtime period. For more info, check out their Facebook event page.

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PN6 Singapore: But wait! That’s not all!

There are only a few tickets left for ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night in Singapore. But in the event that you miss out, there is a way for anyone around the world to have their portfolio reviewed by some of Singapore’s top creative directors: The Review-O-Matic!

Then again, maybe you should just buy one of the few remaining tickets right here.

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PN6 Montreal SOLD OUT!

Told ya so.

As predicted yesterday, ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 sold out in Montreal a few hours ago.

PN6 Toronto and Singapore are down to a mere five tickets apiece, and will likely sell out before the weekend. If you were planning on making an appearance, you’re down to your last opportunity to buy a spot.

Stay tuned!

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With just over a week to go before ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6, another city has sold all of its available tickets. Milan, Italy just sold out a short while ago. Very impressive for a first-year Portfolio Night city!

Which cities are on the brink? Well if you’re considering attending in Montreal, Singapore or Toronto, we recommend considering a little bit faster, as we predict all three locations will be sold out within the next 24 hours.

Stay tuned!

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PN6 Sao Paulo SOLD OUT!

Add another city to ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 Sold Out list. Sao Paulo, Brazil just sold its last ticket moments ago. If you were planning on attending but didn’t purchase a ticket as of yet, you are officially out of luck.

To everyone else, don’t hesitate. Buy your ticket today before your city is on the Sold Out list too!

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Portfolio Night in Milwaukee (huh?)

Madrid. Philadelphia. St. Louis. Calgary. None of these cities are hosting ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6, but it hasn’t stopped creative directors from these and other cities from getting involved in the world’s largest advertising portfolio review!

Yes, aspiring copywriters and art directors aren’t the only ones trekking great distances to attend PN6. CDs are getting into the act too! In some cases the CDs just so happen to be in that city on that particular day, but others are making it a point to attend. Does that mean they’re simply there to offer sage advice, or are they actively looking to hire and know that PN6 is a great event to find prospects? Who knows for sure, but it’s certainly an interesting situation for both the CDs and students.

To see which cities have CDs attending from other locations, check the creative director list and look for the CD names with cities in parentheses beside ‘em.

Stay tuned!

Last call for Camp BLACK BAG!

Just a reminder that BLACK BAG talent attraction + acquisition, Portfolio Night 6 Global Partner and first ihaveanidea sponsor, will be hosting Camp BLACK BAG’s special Portfolio Night 6 Webinar TOMORROW, Wednesday, April 30th, 2008, from 6PM–7PM, UTC -4. Of course, if you’ve already purchased your Portfolio Night ticket, you’ve received an invite and instructions to participate in this phenomenal event in your email inbox. But if you’re one of those procrastinating types, take note that today is the last day to purchase a ticket in time to take part in Camp BLACK BAG!

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Additional Facebook groups for PN6

With less than two weeks until ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6, the energy and excitement are getting more evident!

You most likely know about the official PN6 Facebook page, but did you know that some cities have started their own Facebook pages to promote the event in their area?

Click on each city’s name to see the pages for Toronto, Boston, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Santiago. They’re all great spots to see if any of your friends are attending, and if they’re not, well, it’s a great place to make new friends and compare notes before the big day!

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PN6 Quebec: a gathering of friends

It might be ihaveanidea’s smallest, most intimate Portfolio Night city, but that doesn’t mean that Quebec isn’t big on passion. This video, which features all five PN6 creative directors, conveys the type of friendly atmosphere that the Quebec Portfolio Night is sure to have. The “speed-dating” metaphor that works so well for cities like New York and Toronto is sure to give way to more relaxed experience here in one of North America’s oldest cities.

Just don’t let the CDs leave you with the bill.

For more info on Quebec’s Portfolio Night, including tickets, click here.

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PN6 Los Angeles: To The Victor… A JOB!

After holding Portfolio Night for so many years, we at ihaveanidea can safely say that the attendees with the best books stand a pretty good chance of finding a job afterwards. But we’ve never been able to guarantee that.

180 Los Angeles, on the other hand, can.

In their PN6 Los Angeles video, seen right here, 180 ECD William Gelner makes one of the boldest Portfolio Night announcements ever made: whoever has the best book at Portfolio Night LA on May 8th will find themselves gainfully employed at 180 the very next day.

And even if you’re not signing a contract by the end of the night, you will still have your portfolio reviewed by some of the best in the business, from agencies such as TBWA\Chiat\Day, davidandgoliath and Goodness MFG. And the list of LA CDs will be growing right up until the day of PN6. Throw in the fact that ihaveanidea will be there live at the event, and all of the sudden the skies of LA seem a little less smoggy.

For more info, including how to buy tickets for PN6 Los Angeles, click here.

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The NYC Alternative

ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 is only two weeks away, and if you’re planning on attending in New York City, those two weeks are going to be spent in agony, desperately trying to find a ticket. You can try eBay or Craigslist, like some have done last year, or you can even try posting offers in ihaveanidea’s own forum. But eventually you’ll have to come to grips with the fact that you should’ve bought your ticket weeks ago.

So then what? Well you could wait until Portfolio Night 7 a year from now, or you could do what others are doing and attend PN6 in another city. Chicago, Miami, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec are all relatively short flights from the Big Apple, and Boston’s Portfolio Night is within driving distance (but if the party is gonna be as good as we’ve been hearing, you might need to be driven back in a wheelbarrow)

Whatever city you attend, remember that after Portfolio Night, your uploaded portfolio will be made available to all creative directors in all 22 cities. So even without being in New York on May 8th, you just might get discovered there.

California Dreamin’ Deutschland Style

We here at ihaveanidea recently suggested that, due to Portfolio Night starting and ending in the same time zone, it was physically possible to attend two PN6 cities: San Francisco on Wednesday, May 7th and then pretty much any other North American city on Thursday, May 8th. We figured somebody might actually do it.

We didn’t figure that somebody would come all the way from Germany to do it.

Meet David Oswald, a 27 year old copywriter from outside of Frankfurt. After working for two years in a big Berlin ad agency, he’s decided to try his hand overseas. “I’ve always wanted and knew that I would go abroad one day and it was always my opinion that meeting some creatives in person would be way better then just sending a PDF, where even if they liked my work, both sides still would not know how the real vibes would be,” he says. “And I figured that right now is the best time. So when my friend told me he would be in San Francisco from April on, I reacted quickly. I got myself airline tickets, got myself Portfolio Night tickets for both San Francisco and Los Angeles and started translating my work. So now I can’t wait to fly over and show my work and myself to those hot-shots in California!”

“But actually the main reason to come over, was to watch the NBA playoffs on TV. In Germany we only get it on pay-TV and live games are at 3 in the morning!”

ihaveanidea’s hometown Raptors might be out of the playoffs by the time David gets here, but we’re sure he’d rather have face time with Butler Shine Stern & Partners and 180 LA than TV time with Kobe any day.

To check out all the info on PN6 San Francisco, click here! For all other cities, click right here.

And if you’re traveling some crazy distance just to attend Portfolio Night 6, drop us an email and tell us your story!

PN6 Montreal: A Fistful of Portfolios

It’s not Sergio Leone, but the posse of outlaws at Sid Lee have cooked up this film to promote ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 in Montreal. You can watch the video right here.

If you’re ready for a showdown with Montreal’s greatest gunslingers, please visit the PN6 Montreal page for a list of CDs, as well as to buy one of an ever dwindling number of remaining tickets.

Stay tuned!

PN6 Amsterdam: Multilingual Book Bashing

Have you seen the video 180 has put together for ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 in Amsterdam? If you haven’t, click here.

Ou ici.

O aquí.

Oder hier.

Of hier.

O qui.

Of course, for all the info on PN6 Amsterdam, including a fantastic CD list and ticket info, there’s only one place you need to click: right here.

Stay tuned!

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Olé! Santiago Added To PN6 Cities!

Last year, ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 took place in only one South American city. Considering how much great advertising comes out of that continent, we knew it wouldn’t be long before we added new cities. This year, we began by adding Buenos Aires, Argentina, and now we’re happy to announce that have a South American three-way with the addition of Santiago, Chile.

Proudly hosted by Terra, Santiago boasts an impressive CD list that will likely grow in the weeks to come. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to buy your tickets as soon as possible! For the creative director list, as well as ticket info, please click here.

Stay tuned!

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Mama Mia! Milan Added To Portfolio Night 6 Cities!

ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 continues to go where we’ve never been before, as Milan, Italy has been confirmed as a new addition to our list of host cities.

Hosted by the Art Director’s Club Italiano and sponsored locally by NABA, Milan has truly hit the ground running, with a tremendous list of creative directors already signed up. JWT, Leo Burnett, DDB, that’s just a small taste of the agencies that will be represented on May 8th. For a full list of creative directors, as well as to buy tickets, please click here.

Stay tuned!

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Following in the footsteps of Melbourne and New York, London, UK is now officially sold out for ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6. If you were waiting to make a last minute decision about attending, sorry, that last minute has passed.

For those who did secure tickets for this event, congratulations! We popped in on London hosts JWT last week at their Knightsbridge office, and they’re going full steam ahead to make it an enjoyable and productive evening for all involved. Be sure to keep an eye on the London page on the PN6 website for more updates to the creative director list.

Stay tuned!

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PN6 New York SOLD OUT! Will London be next?

To the surprise of very few, ihavenidea’s Portfolio Night 6 in New York has sold out a whole month before the event! Of course that won’t stop the creative director list from growing, but if you are looking for a ticket to actually see them, sorry folks, that ship has passed.

British procrastinators take note: there are only nine tickets left for Portfolio Night 6 in London! They’ll be gone before you know it, so get them right now, right here.

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PN6 New York: Steve Hayden Joins The List

How would you feel the moment before you sat down to show your portfolio to the writer of arguably the best commercial in history? Nervous about what he might say? Afraid he might rip into you? Confident that your book will stand up to such scrutiny?

Those of you who are attending ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 in New York just might get that opportunity, as Steve Hayden, Vice-Chairman, Worldwide Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather, has added his name to the list of world-class creative directors participating this year. Hayden has a body of great work that could fill a few award annuals all on its own, but perhaps his most notable piece is a little spot you might’ve heard of for Apple MacIntosh called “1984.”

But to have a chance of getting that moment-before feeling, you’ll have to buy a ticket, and New York City is almost sold out – only sixteen tickets left at the time of this posting! For the ever growing list of CDs, ticket info and everything else, click here.

Stay tuned!

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PN6 Online Press Coverage Galore!

Do a quick Google search and you’ll find lots of stuff about ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6.

Here’s the story on Yahoo Finance.

The Boston Daily Business News has picked up the story of PN6, both as a global event and a local one with PJA Advertising + Marketing. You can check out that story right here.

For our Aussie and Kiwi friends, the PN6 story has been mentioned in Campaign Brief right here, as well as in the popular NZ Creative Circle blog right here.

There’s a friendly post about PN6 over on Creative In London, a blog created by someone with past Portfolio Night experience. That can be found right here.

Portfolio Night 6 has even attracted attention in countries where the event isn’t even scheduled to take place as of yet. Here’s the story in bepub, based in France. And for those of you who are fluent in the Hellenic tongue, read all about PN6 on the Ads of the Greek blog right here.

We’ll dig up some more juicy coverage soon, including a number of blogs from South America, where Portfolio Night is extremely popular!

Stay tuned!

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Crikey! PN6 Melbourne is SOLD OUT!

With still more than a month yet to go before ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6, The folks at DDB Melbourne won’t have to worry about having leftover tickets. Yes, Melbourne has become the first city in the world to run out of tickets for PN6!

Of course this doesn’t mean that they’ll be putting their feet up until May 8th. No, there’s still plenty of work to be done, including adding to the creative director list. Ticketholders are advised to keep checking in to see which CDs have been added to the list of people who will be critiquing your books, giving you advice and maybe – just maybe – helping you start a career.

And for those of you who missed out on PN6 Melbourne tickets, don’t worry. Portfolio Night 6 Sydney is only an 884 km. drive away.

Stay tuned!

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Move over Crockett and Tubbs, PN6 Invades Miami!

ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 is back in the land of sand, surf and sun. Yes, Miami is ready to play host to another exciting year of book critiques!

Hosted by Alma DDB, PN6 Miami brings a certain Latin flavor to this globe-spanning event. Indeed, many of the agencies participating this year are adept in working in both English and Spanish, such as Creative On Demand and La Comunidad. Even Juan Carlos Ortiz, President of Latin America & US Hispanic Market for DDB, will be in attendance. But don’t worry, creativity will be the most important language on May 8th!

Alma DDB has put together this short video inviting everyone to PN6 Miami. In the meantime, all the necessary info, from the growing creative director list to ticket sales, can be found right here.

Note to agency CDs: for more info on creative director spaces available in various PN6 cities, please drop us a line at: pn6cds@ihaveanidea.org

¡Hasta pronto!

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PN6 San Fran: The Creative Journey

This year, ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night begins in San Francisco, then embarks on a long journey around the globe. So it’s appropriate that San Fran hosts Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners talk about the beginning of a journey of a slightly different sort: the journey of a creative career, as seen in this emotional video starring ECDs John Butler and Mike Shine.

The PN6 San Francisco creative director list is shaping up very quickly to be an all-star cast, with new names being added just about everyday. Agencies already represented include Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, BBDO and T.A.G. with more to follow very shortly!

One quick reminder: in order for PN6 to go completely around the world, starting and finishing on the North American Pacific coast, Portfolio Night San Francisco will be kicking things off on Wednesday, May 7th at 7:00 PM, so schedule accordingly. This also means that yes, it’s physically possible for the most eager aspiring creatives to attend PN6 in San Fran, catch an early enough flight the next day and attend PN6 in just about any other North American locale.

Now that would be a journey!

Stay tuned!

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Bonzer, Mate! Melbourne CD List Is Underway!

The Melbourne creative director list for ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 has just been posted!

Hosted by DDB, PN6 Melbourne is one of three cities in Australasia participating in this globe spanning portfolio review. While the list is relatively small right now compared to some other cities, it’s sure to grow over the next few days. Not that PN6 Melbourne needed a big list to entice aspiring young creatives to attend. As of April 2, 8:20 AM local time, there are only six tickets remaining! Time to act now, Melburnians!

Note to agency CDs: for more info on creative director spaces available in various PN6 cities, please drop us a line at: pn6cds@ihaveanidea.org

Stay tuned!

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¡Enhorabuena! Barcelona CD list has been posted!

The Barcelona creative director list for ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 has been posted, and it’s looking very impressive!

Barcelona was the site of one of the most heavily attended Portfolio Night venues last year, and it appears as if they’re geared to surpass those numbers. Hosted by renowned Spanish ad school Complot, PN6 isn’t just attracting young creatives from all over, but creative directors as well. A number of “directores creativos” are coming from Madrid to check out the talent at PN6, including CDs from Leo Burnett and Shackleton. There will be plenty of Barcelona CDs as well, from agencies like DDB, seisgrados and Altraforma.

This is only the beginning of the Barcelona CD list, and we’re sure to be adding more names very shortly. Meanwhile, tickets will be going on sale in the next few days!

Note to agency CDs: for more info on creative director spaces available in various PN6 cities, please drop us a line at: pn6cds@ihaveanidea.org

¡Hasta pronto!

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PN6 San Francisco: Curing Pacificophobia

Since last year, we at ihaveanidea have been proud of the fact that we’ve taken Portfolio Night all around the world. But really, that hasn’t been exactly true now, has it? We start in Auckland, New Zealand, and we head westbound. We cross the Tasman Sea, the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. We pass the Mediterranean, swim the English Channel and even conquer the mighty Atlantic. And after a bit of fun in the Great Lakes, we grind to a halt on the west coast of Canada and the US.

But it’s not “around the world” if you bypass the entire Pacific Ocean, is it?

The talented crew at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, hosts of Portfolio Night 6 in San Francisco, have allowed for us to cure Portfolio Night 6 of its ‘pacificophobia’, and make it a genuine “around the world” 24+ hour event. For everyone planning on making the scene, Portfolio Night in San Fran will begin on Wednesday, May 7th at 7:00 PM. A few hours later, after a quick jaunt across the International Date Line (which, if we understand correctly, is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean) people will be lining up on Greys Avenue in Auckland, ready to set it off New Zealand style. We’ll then go all the way around the world, winding up back on the North American Pacific coast where we started, kicking off PN6 in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

For more information on Portfolio Night in San Fran, including the growing creative director list, venue location and ticket sales, click here.

PS: the astute young creative will note that this “Pacific Plan” makes it possible to attend PN6 in two cities; they can show their stuff in Frisco, then board a flight up or down the coast the next morning and catch the end of PN6 in LA or Van-city. Very Pacific indeed.

Stay tuned!

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PN6 Boston: Aaron DaSilva and the Portfolio of Doom

In preparation for ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 in Boston, the good folks at host agency PJA Advertising + Marketing have whipped up a little video for everyone.

You can view that video right here.

And yes, apparently that was the real life portfolio that PJA VP, Creative Director Aaron DaSilva used to try to break into the business.

For more info on Portfolio Night 6 in Boston, including a growing list of creative directors and a shrinking number of tickets, click right here.

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Singapore Brings Out The Big Guns For PN6

The Singapore creative director list for ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 has been posted, and the anticipation and enthusiasm is just as high among the creative directors as it is with the students.

Hosted for the second year in a row by DDB Singapore, PN6 is shaping up to be a fantastic event. Many of the ECDs and CCOs of the region’s top agencies – Saatchi & Saatchi, Euro RSCG, Batey, JWT, M&C Saatchi and others – were more than happy to participate this year. “I’m always happy to help develop the next generation of talent,” says Graham Kelly, ECD of TBWA.

This is only the beginning of the Singapore CD list, and we’re sure to be adding more names over the next few weeks.

Note to agency CDs: for more info on creative director spaces available in various PN6 cities, please drop us a line at: pn6cds@ihaveanidea.org

Stay tuned!

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Tickets Are Now On Sale For PN6!

Tickets are now on sale in most cities for ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6!

Prices vary for each location. To purchase, simply go to portfolionight.com and click on the appropriate city on the right.


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Rule, Britannia! London CD List Has Begun

The London creative director list for ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 is underway!

2008 marks ihaveanidea’s second year of holding Portfolio Night in the UK, and it promises to be even bigger than the first. Hosted by JWT, PN6 is catching the attention of creative directors from such agencies as M&C Saatchi, Glue and Lean Mean Fighting Machine. Of course this list is just getting started, and more award-winning London names and agencies will be added in the days and weeks to come.

Note to agency CDs: for more info on creative director spaces available in various PN6 cities, please drop us a line at: pn6cds@ihaveanidea.org

Stay tuned!

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PN6 makes National news

ihaveanidea and DDB receive some cross-Canada media exposure in today’s Financial Post/National Post.

Students get chance to meet DDB creative directors

For a third consecutive year, advertising agency DDB Canada in collaboration with DDB Worldwide is partnering with ihaveanidea, an advertising “intellectual archive”, to stage Portfolio Night in seven countries around the world. Styled on “speed dating,” the event on May 8 gives students an opportunity to meet with award-winning creative directors from DDB and other leading agencies.

The rest of the story can be found here.

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DDB Worldwide is now OFFICIAL.

I think a wise man once said “it ain’t official until there’s a press release.” Well, dear friends, ihaveanidea and DDB would like to announce that it is now 100% , unequivocally, unquestionably, officially official.



Other PN 6 Global Partners include Corbis, BLACK BAG & VCU Brandcenter

(TORONTO, March 18 2008) ihaveanidea, Advertising’s Intellectual Archive, proudly announces DDB Worldwide’s return as Global Agency Partner of Portfolio Night 6 on May 8th 2008.

ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night is the largest simultaneous advertising portfolio review ever held in the world, featuring a uniquely designed portfolio review process in a “speed-dating” setting. The event helps students and aspiring young creatives around the world break into the ad industry and involves the top creative directors in each participating city.

For the complete press release, click here.

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O Canada! Toronto, Montreal, Quebec CD Lists Have Begun

The Toronto, Montreal and Quebec creative director lists for ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 have begun to take shape!

In Toronto, where DDB is playing host, the list is headed by Andrew Simon, DDB’s SVP, Creative Director. The list includes representatives from old favorites like Ogilvy, BBDO, John St. and zig, as well as agencies that didn’t even exist this time last year, such as Juniper Park and Huxley Quayle von Bismark.

Over in Montreal, agency host Sid Lee has started to put together a very impressive list of Montreal talent, from agencies such as TAXI, Bos, Cossette and Marketel.

In Quebec (the city, not the province) Portfolio Night is hosted by La Société des communicateurs de Québec, and they’ve started to assemble a group of creatives, from Brad Marketing, Amalgame, LXB, lg2 and Cossette.

In all three cities, these lists are only beginning, with more names to be added over the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for more info.

Note to agency CDs: for more info on creative director spaces available in various PN6 cities, please drop us a line at: pn6cds@ihaveanidea.org

Stay tuned!

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Big Names Gear Up For The Big Apple

The New York creative director list for ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 has just begun, and already we have some of the city’s most awarded CDs on board for May 8th! Some of these esteemed names belong to people who have been featured on ihaveanidea before, in our popular interviews and agency profiles. These include (and click on the links for the ihaveanidea stories – consider it research) Paul Lavoie, Chairman & CCO of TAXI, Ari Merkin, Founder & CCO of Toy, and Ted Royer, ECD of Droga5.

Of course there are others on the list, with many more to come over the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for more info.

Note to agency CDs: for more info on creative director slots in various PN6 cities, please drop us a line at: pn6cds@ihaveanidea.org

Stay tuned!

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Preparations For PN6 In Boston Are Well Under Way

Back in 2006, ihaveanidea brought Portfolio Night to four US cities for the very first time. One of those locales in the initial “American Invasion” was Boston, Massachusetts. After a one year hiatus, we’re happy to announce that Portfolio Night is making an enthusiastic return to Beantown, and details are coming out quickly.

PN6 In Boston is hosted by PJA Advertising + Marketing, who have been working hard to recruit as many local creative directors as early as possible. Already their list includes talent from such shops as Hill Holliday, Mullen and Arnold (who was very recently featured in an ihaveanidea agency profile.)

Boston event coordinator Anastasia Hannebrink of PJA is excited to be part of PN6. “We hope to take Portfolio Night 6 to an all new level here on the mean streets of Boston. More CDs. More young creatives. More drinks.”

For more info, including a growing list of Boston CDs, please check out the Portfolio Night 6 Boston page.

Stay tuned!

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Vancouver Added To Portfolio Night 6 Cities!

It just wouldn’t have been Portfolio Night without them.

ihaveanidea is thrilled to announce that Portfolio Night 6 will indeed be coming to where the mountains meet the ocean, nature meets humanity, and a place where an umbrella salesman could make a killing. Yes, my friends, Portfolio Night 6 is coming to Vancouver.Hosted by TAXI, Vancouver, Canada is one of the ‘original three’ cities, who have been a part of Portfolio Night every year since its inception. More info will appear on the Portfolio Night 6 Vancouver page in the coming weeks.Stay tuned!
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Los Angeles Added To Portfolio Night 6 Cities!

Yet another world class city is on board for ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6!

It’s the land of Hollywood magic, celebrities and their adoring paparazzi. We honestly couldn’t tell you if any of them will be in attendance – what’s Gary Coleman doing these days? – but we’re thrilled to announce that Portfolio Night is coming to LA!

Hosted by 180, Los Angeles, USA becomes a Portfolio Night city for the very first time! More info will appear on the Portfolio Night 6 Los Angeles page in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!

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Amsterdam Added To Portfolio Night 6 Cities!

ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 6 is growing with each passing week!

We are excited to announce that the land of wooden shoes, tulips, windmills, bicycles and… well, other fairly liberal stuff, is on board for Portfolio Night 6

Hosted by 180, Amsterdam, The Netherlands becomes a Portfolio Night city for the very first time! More info will appear on the Portfolio Night 6 Amsterdam page in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!

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Introducing the Portfolio Night 6 Facebook group!

ihaveanidea has just created the official Portfolio Night 6 Facebook group, a perfect place to make new friends from around the globe and discuss the world’s biggest portfolio review. Find out who else is planning on attending, who has been before, who might be willing to collaborate in order to make your books as great as possible before May 8th, just about anything else PN6 related! If you’re one of the millions of people already on Facebook, you can find the Portfolio Night 6 Facebook group right here.


It is fascinating to see these renowned professionals – some of them geniuses, our idols– devote their time to see future ad professionals, young people with beautiful work and fantastic attitudes!
-Julio Andery, Creative VP, DDB Brazil

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