Portfolio Night 6
May 08. 2008 |
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If you are a student, recent graduate, or junior with an advertising portfolio you should attend Portfolio Night 6. To purchase your ticket simply click on your city from the list on the right of this page and follow the appropriate link. Please purchase your ticket with plenty of anticipation! Every year most cities sell out up to several weeks before the event.

Ticket information

  • Tickets to Portfolio Night 6 vary in price depending on the city.
  • Tickets can only be purchased with a credit card or Pay Pal and will not be sold at the door.
  • Once your ticket is purchased your name will be added to the Portfolio Night 6 list. Tickets are electronic and will not be mailed out, you will receive an email confirmation that you must print and bring to the event.
  • If you want to attend Portfolio Night as a team, you must purchase two tickets.
  • The payment system allows for you to buy a ticket for someone else, just make sure you add their information so they are added to the list.
  • A few days prior to Portfolio Night 6 we will be contacting you to update you with any important information and to make sure you are ready.
  • You must be either a copywriter, art director or interactive art director, or designer with a portfolio geared towards advertising to attend Portfolio Night 6.
  • To allow other creative directors in every Portfolio Night city to see your work and help you find a job, or a better job, you must upload your entire portfolio electronically by May 6th. Please note this is mandatory. As soon as you purchase your ticket you will receive detailed instructions with how to upload your book.
  • Creatives will be paired with students randomly, you cannot choose who will review your book. However every city has overtime, in which you may approach anyone who is free.
  • By purchasing a ticket you agree to give ihaveanidea the right to display your work to other creative directors and on the ihaveanidea website.
  • Tickets are not refundable under any condition.
  • You absolutely must work on your book like you never have in your life before. Do not bring in your ads for review. Bring in your blood, sweat and tears enclosed in a portfolio.
  • Questions? Write to michelle@ihaveanidea.org

What your ticket includes

1.png You will have a personal, one-on-one review of your portfolio by at least 3 creative directors at Portfolio Night 6.

one on one

2.png You’ll get delicious food and stress-decreasing drinks!


3.png A Portfolio Night 6 goody bag filled with, well goodies… including an official Portfolio Night t-shirt.


4.png Camp BLACK BAG: The Boot Camp for Your Career:

Wednesday, April 30th at 6 PM UTC-5

blackbag.png, a Global Sponsor of Portfolio Night 6 and one of the world’s experts on a career in creativity, has kindly offered to produce a webcast prior to Portfolio Night 6 for all registered participants. This webcast will guarantee that you’ll be primed and ready for Portfolio Night 6.

ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS: What questions should you be prepared to answer during your portfolio reviews? What homework should you do in advance of these big meetings? What are the Creative Directors you’re going to meet likely to ask you? What can you do to make sure you stand out - aside from having a fantastic portfolio? Will be presented.

5.pngThe ihaveanidea & Corbis Educational Program

corbis.png world renowned creative resource and Sponsor of ihaveanidea and Global Partner of Portfolio Night 6 proudly launches the ihaveanidea & Corbis Educational Program! As a Portfolio Night 6 attendee, you will be granted special access to Corbis’s Education site through this program. This will allow you free use of various high resolution images to help improve your portfolio in advance of the big day, as well as afterwards, once you’ve received all of that golden advice from the various creative directors.

6.png Your portfolio will be uploaded online so that all the creative directors that attended Portfolio Night 6 in any city around the world can review your portfolio and contact you after Portfolio Night 6.


I was surprised by the level of quality of creative directors that are involved in this... it's probably the highest standard of judgement of the work that I've ever seen.
-Jan Jacobs, Co-Founder, Johannes Leonardo

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